Chipquik SMD Removal Kit

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SMD Removal Kit

Safely Remove Surface Mount
Devices Using Low Heat

SMD Removal Kit

Fast and easy to use. Simply apply flux to all leads of the SMD. With a soldering iron or warm air bath melt the special desoldering alloy on all of the leads. The combination of existing solder plus the special alloy melts at less than 200 degrees F and remains molten long enough for removal of SMD using tweezers or pickup tool. Clean off pads using flux and a swab, then install new device. Each kit provides enough product to remove between 8-10 SMDs (approximately 1250-1500 leads). Kit includes: low temperature (136 degrees F) desoldering alloy, a syringe with RMA flux, and alcohol pads. Special desoldering alloy and flux also available in industrial production sizes.

Part No.    Description                                  Price

0608SMD1    Chip Quik Surface Mount Device               $17.50 
            Removal Kit                      

0608SMD16    Desoldering Alloy - 16 Ft                    89.95
             Industrial Pack Size, 6.5" Lengths

0608SMD32    Desoldering Alloy - 32 Ft.                  168.00
             Industrial Pack Size, 6.5" Lengths

0608SMD291   10cc Syringe, 20G                            14.95
             No Clean Paste Flux

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